Guidelines for Articles Submitted to ICCI

General Engagement Description

Articles should be written according to the description below and the writer's guidelines (below) to be considered for publication on the ICCI website.


Audience and Purpose:

The purpose of the ICCI published articles is to further public perception of ICCI and its certificate holders as the leaders in the field of career services. The target demographic is comprised of career service providers (not limited to ICCI certificants) as well as recipients of career services, who will probably make use of the types of services offered by our members. Our readers want serious, in-depth information about career services and how to engage a professional about furthering their own career.

Article Topics:

Articles may deal with any facet of career services, including help with building, growing, and advancing the profession (sales and marketing, management, pricing, formats, profit centers, internet and technology resources and techniques, pricing your services, ideas for getting new clients, ways for professionals to develop profitable new services, effective business/workplace strategies, and much more).

Article Length: 1,200 to 1,500 words.

Format: All submissions to be sent as a Word file (".doc" or".docx") or as an Email "Paste-in."

Style: The style of the publication is information and conversational. References should be kept to a minimum and technical terms should be explained in ordinary language. The subject matter is more technical than that found in most newsstand publications, but less technical than industry professional research publications.

Citation: When quoting a source, the source's title and professional affiliation at first mention. When citing research, the source of the research should be provided. For example, "Researchers at the University of Colorado" or "Dr. Joe Smith, Head Physician of the Chicago Health Institute."

Articles must be original and not be published elsewhere, unless otherwise approved by the ICCI Article Review Committee. Each article must contain information that the reader can benefit from. Primary sources such as published studies and interviews with experts are recommended as the basis of research for all articles. Any information gleaned from secondary sources should be fact-checked by the writer prior to submission of the article. We ask that writers include bibliographical information on any publications cited and contact information for the people they interview for each article (including a phone number and address and whenever possible a fax number and/or email address). We request that all interviews be recorded in written summary or by audio recording, and advise that writers keep those tapes for at least one year after the date of publication.

Right to Reject or Terminate:

ICCI reserves the right, in its sole discretion, not to publish any article submitted by you and to terminate this agreement to publish your article at any time upon written notice to you.

Editing, if requested, author agrees to provide ICCI with sources and research materials used in preparing the article, including notes, transcripts, and tapes. ICCI reserves the right to edit and/or rewrite for style, clarity, length, and adherence to format. When an article is ready for publication, a FINAL copy will be provided as a courtesy to ensure that all copy is accurate.

Other Conditions of Use and Exchange:

By submitting your article the Author(s) attests to the following:

  1. Author(s) is the sole author(s) of the article;
  2. The article has not been previously published elsewhere (unless otherwise agreed);
  3. Reasonable care has been taken to ensure all facts and statements in the article are true;
  4. The article is not defamatory, and does not infringe the copyrights, trademarks, service marks, or other rights of another person or organization.

Exclusive Rights:

In exchange for publishing your article, the author grants ICCI all publication rights exclusively for six (6) months from the date of the initial publication, to (a) access, use, reproduce, distribute, translate, publicly display, and digitally display the work(s) on its website at www.iccicertification.org or other online or offline venue; (b) to sublicense the work(s) for redistribution, republication, translation, and display on the Internet or in print; (c) to edit, revise, abridge, expand, or retitle the work(s), including removing the content as ICCI deems necessary or desirable.

Non-Exclusive Rights:

After the period of exclusivity, ICCI is granted non-exclusive rights to reproduce the article or to adapt and edit the article in any property belonging to ICCI.


ICCI has the right to license or syndicate the use of the article to any other medium or market. The Author(s) has the non-exclusive right to re-sell the article to any market or medium, after the period of exclusivity.


This agreement may not be modified except by a written amendment by the parties. By submitting your article to ICCI's Article Review Commitee you are agreeing to these terms of agreement. 

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