Successful people create successful results. ICCI certified professionals will enable you to:

  • Increase staff engagement and lift staff performance.

  • Identify leadership talent and enable them to more effectively meet corporate challenges

  • Maximise and preserve your human capital, corporate reputation and morale during times of change, growth and transition

  • Build high performing teams

  • Access leading edge practice from around the globe

  • Lead in a culture of collaboration enabling your organization to thrive in times of change.

  • Incorporate state-of-the-art talent selection, succession planning, talent development, management training, career transition, change management and assimilation projects.

ICCI certified career management professionals are:

  • Are proven high performers because their certification is based upon competency and work experience, training and qualifications

  • Demonstrate specializations in designing and delivering the full spectrum of career development and advancement, as well as effectiveness in change management services.

  • Deliver high quality services as assessed by International Board Standards.

  • Are bound by a professional Code of Standards and Ethics and are committed to confidentiality, privacy and diversity.

Insist on ICCl Certified Career Management Professionals