ICCI Code of Ethical Practices

ICCI certified professionals have all declared that they accept and abide by the ICCI Code of Ethical Practice. The code is based upon ethical principles which guide and inform professional practice and service delivery.


All ICCI certified practitioners agree to:


  • Will deliver services in accordance to the training and qualifications in career and talent development practice.

  • Undertake professional learning to ensure skills are current and meet world standard of practice.

  • Will make freely available copies of training, accreditations and competencies to deliver the services offered

  • Will obey all laws in my jurisdiction. I will take a proactive stance to rectify any situations where laws or ethics have been violated.


  • Will, in advance, explain to potential clients the services provided enabling an agreement to be entered based upon mutual respect and informed consent.

  • Variations to service arrangements will be made with the full knowledge and agreement of the client.

  • Will make information available of qualifications, certificates, accreditation and any documentation which relates to the services offered or provided.

  • Will enable clients to make informed decisions regarding their future including disclosing potential conflicts of interest, scope and limitations of services and possible referral to third parties.

  • Will use only proprietary instruments in which I have been trained and certified and will not violate copyright laws, adhering to published administration guidelines.

  • Marketing services will be factual, accurate and able to be validated by third parties.


  • Will defend the individual rights and personal dignity of all clients and enquirers.

  • Will respect client privacy and confidentiality. Note: The exception is the threat to personal safety or safety of others. In this case, it is ethically correct to share a minimum of confidential information to the appropriate authorities.

  • Will strive to protect client information being saved or sent electronically.

  • Will not take advantage, including financial, of any information provided to me through my professional relationship to customers.


  • Will value diversity whether it is language, colour, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or political belief. No preferences will be shown, nor business accepted or declined, based on discriminatory practices.