Congratulations on choosing ICCI certification!

ICCI Certification is recognized world-wide as the gold standard. Since 1994, ICCI has been certifying practitioners, building client confidence and extending professional networks. ICCI is the world’s only independent, competency-based certifying organization.

ICCI certification provides quality assurance to the community. This increases practitioner brand power and community confidence. Certification recognizes your excellence of the global community of professional practitioners. Your certification is based upon 3rd party validated evidence of your practice and service delivery.

1. Register your intention to seek certification

This includes being supported by a mentor - either of your own choice or provided by the Board of Governors. Find our list of approved mentors here. 

2. Prepare your portfolio

With the support of your mentor complete the self-assessment and upload documentary evidence to support your self-assessment. and supported by a mentor

3. Application and review

The Board of Governors will assign a Career Management Fellow (CMF) to review your application. The review process includes a conversation between the reviewer and the applicant. This conversation is to validate the evidence provided and to explore your future contribution to ICCI. The Reviewer will then make a recommendation to the Board of Governors about your certification.

4. Certification approval

After approval, you will receive both an electronic and a hard copy of your certificate, as well as the authority to use the ICCI logo. Your certification will be published, and your profile included in the ICCI Directory. You will be requested to maintain that profile and keep contact details current.

With ICCI your experience & competency counts