As an experienced and successful career management professional, you want to:

  • Differentiate your brand, be known for quality service, proven competence and continuing excellence.

  • Enhance your positioning in an increasingly competitive global career services marketplace.

  • Assure your clients, students, and/or employees of your integrity and leading-edge expertise.

  • Gain access to global professional network, ideas and collaborations.

ICCI certification enables professionals to:

  • Enter an elite, international network of highly qualified and experienced professionals who provide services at every career stage and across all industries and regions.

  • Demonstrate and be recognized for your continuing competency, current practice, and commitment to ongoing learning.

  • Strategically position your practice with your target market

  • Enhance your professional network through mentoring by a certified Career Management Fellow (CMF).

  • Formally confirm your ethical commitment to confidentiality, privacy and respect for individuals and organizations.

  • Align yourself with the only global professional, non-profit based certification in the career and talent development profession

Prove your credibility and credentials with ICCI certification. Certification earned and cannot be purchased.