Consider engaging an ICCI certified career & life-design professional to enable you to:

  • Discover your natural talents and destiny

  • Increase your performance in your current or next role

  • Investigate best next steps for your life journey

  • Increase job satisfaction

  • Re-invent yourself?

Have confidence because all ICCI certified professionals:

  • Meet rigorous 5-star international standards of professional practice.

  • Are qualified to assess needs, design programs to meet those needs and support high performance in execution of career and talent develop plans.

  • Are globally networked giving you access to the world’s best practitioners

  • Who adhere to an international Code of Ethics, including commitment to confidentiality, privacy and respect for individuals and organizations?

This means you can:

  • Access the world’s best practitioners.

  • Select experienced professionals from the full spectrum from career development and advancement, as well as effective change management services.

  • Receive career consulting, coaching, mentoring or training specific to your unique needs.

  • Be assured of the highest of professional and ethical standards.

You deserve the best. Look for ICCI logo and certification levels